Peter Oliver on Sky News

22 Mar 2019 | by Peter Oliver

21 March 2019 Peter Oliver was interviewed about the extension of the Article 50 deadline on Sky News, please click here.

Peter Oliver on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme

21 Mar 2019 | by Peter Oliver

On 21 March Peter Oliver was interviewed together with Professor Catherine Barnard on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme (53 minutes in to the programme). In answer to a question from Michal Husain, he said that the Article 50 deadline could be extended until 1 July without the UK holding European elections, but that it would […]

Anneli Howard – The Brief, The Times

14 Jan 2019 | by Monckton Chambers

Today, The Brief covered The Bar Council of England and Wales just released three-part YouTube series called “Bite size Brexit: Deadlock or Breakthrough?” with Anneli Howard. The series is made up of Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.