Customs Duties and Commercial Policy Measures

The Community Customs regime is a fully harmonised system which prescribes the duties imposed on goods imported into, and exported from, the customs territory of the EU and the customs procedures and other Customs-approved treatments or uses to which those goods may be assigned. Monckton Chambers has considerable experience and expertise in all aspects of the Community Customs regime, including classification of goods in accordance with the Combined Nomenclature, preferential tariff measures and quotas, origin of goods, valuation, customs procedures (such as transit, processing and customs warehousing), other Customs-approved treatment or use of goods, and issues raised by post-clearance demands.  They frequently act for taxpayers and the customs authorities in both advisory and contentious work (including judicial review of administrative action). The breadth and depth of experience within Chambers is second to none, combining Chambers’ extensive EU law expertise with its indirect taxation expertise.