Chambers UK, 2020

  • Administrative and Public

    Traditionally viewed by sources as an “extremely good set with a very strong EU and competition background” and “excellent knowledge of procurement law,” Monckton Chambers also has increasing presence in the field of human rights and civil liberties. This has been bolstered further by the recent addition of several eminent silks and juniors. The new tenants add respected claimant practices to the set’s substantial commercial offering, and its defence work for government departments and regulators. Key cases from the past year include the Wightman reference addressing the revocation of Article 50, intervening in Campaign Against Arms Trade’s challenge to arms export licences to Saudi Arabia, defending against Privacy International’s challenge to the collection and use of bulk communications data by intelligence agencies, and representing Three and others in their appeal against Ofcom spectrum auction rules.

    Client service: “The clerks at Monckton are always there when I need them and always seem to be on top of our matters.” “You get a professional service from the set’s clerks – they have gone above and beyond for us.”


    Tim Ward QC

    Brings his considerable EU law expertise to bear on public and administrative law disputes. He typically acts for corporate clients in challenges to regulatory decisions. He is also noted for his ability to handle judicial reviews invoking human rights arguments.

    Strengths: “Tim Ward is a first choice for competition cases with a public law crossover; he’s very user-friendly and great with clients.” “He’s strong on the technical law and will give clear and accurate advice. He keeps it logical and keeps the attention of the judge.” “He always holds his ground and is willing to put in the extra effort to learn the client’s business. He’s very commercial in terms of strategy

    Recent work: Acted for O2 in relation to a judicial review challenge to Ofcom’s decision regarding the auction of radio spectrum for 4G and 5G use.

    Ben Emmerson QC

    Outstanding reputation for his expertise in the overlap between public and human rights law. He is especially well known for his work in public inquiries and in judicial reviews of coronial decisions.

    Strengths: “Ben is well recognised for his major role in civil liberties and human rights matters.” “He’s very well known and highly regarded in terms of his ability.”

    Ian Wise QC

    Strong choice to represent claimants in judicial reviews challenging legislation, government policy and decisions of local authorities. He handles a wide array of public law disputes and recently he has been involved in claims arising out of healthcare provision, housing and asylum.

    Strengths: “Well known for his practical and wide-ranging expertise in public law.”

    Recent work: Acted for the appellants in a Supreme Court case challenging the revised benefit cap on the grounds that it discriminated against lone parents, particularly mothers, and their children.

    Daniel Beard QC

    Focuses his administrative and public law practice on commercial and regulatory judicial reviews. He is particularly renowned for his expertise in claims that involve EU and competition law. He also handles public law cases concerning complex issues of national security and terrorism.

    Strengths: “Highly recommended: a very able, strategic advocate.” “I think he’s first class in competition law judicial review. He’s a very knowledgeable advocate who has good judgement.”

    Gerry Facenna QC

    Broad depth of administrative and public law expertise, with a particular emphasis on EU law and regulatory matters. He is also adept at judicial reviews involving human rights law, and is equally sought after by defendants and claimants. Recently, he has been active in public law claims concerning constitutional law and infrastructure.

    Strengths: “He was absolutely in his element and it was incredible to see the judges hanging on his submissions. He has extraordinarily good judgement about what points will appeal, how to present them and what to leave out. He’s a master of minimalism.” “A genuine specialist on international human rights law.” “A very good interlocutor who is quick-thinking, agile and smart.”

    Recent work: Represented Chris Leslie MP and Tom Brake MP as interveners supporting the petitioners in their successful CJEU reference asking whether the UK can unilaterally revoke its notification of intent to leave the EU under Article 50.

    Jon Turner QC

    Frequently appears in administrative and public law cases in the commercial and regulatory spheres. He has also been involved in judicial reviews involving immigration and human rights law. His practice also encompasses cases concerning environmental protection.

    Strengths: “A brilliant advocate and an experienced and effective strategist.” “He sees a lot more than other barristers I’ve worked with. He’s easy to work with and his advice is spot on.”

    Recent work: Acted for Three in its Court of Appeal challenge to Ofcom’s rules limiting the amount of 4G and 5G spectrum it could win at auction.

    Robert Palmer QC

    Capable of handling a wide range of administrative and public law matters including commercial, regulatory and human rights claims. He represents claimants and defendants in judicial reviews challenging decisions of central government, local authorities and regulators. He has particular experience in cases concerning competition, environmental regulation and procurement.

    Strengths: “His drafting is just phenomenal.” “He is a very good new silk with good judgement, who doesn’t take bad points.” “He’s incredibly responsive, works very quickly and is good on strategy in complicated cases.”

    Recent work: Acted for GCHQ, MI5 and MI6 before the CJEU, in their defence of Privacy International’s challenge to the use of bulk communications data.


    Nikolaus Grubeck

    Highly knowledgeable on the overlap between public and human rights law. His expertise in cases concerning national security and foreign affairs is of particular note. He receives instructions from both claimants and defendants, including government departments. He also frequently appears in public law challenges concerning commercial regulation.

    Strengths: “We found him very impressive, incredibly hard-working and dedicated to our case. He brought a fresh perspective as he has a diverse practice.” “Really sharp and insightful, with both legal depth and clear strategic thinking, and he’s really good on his feet. He was put on the spot and it was like water off a duck’s back.” “He was helpful, calm and patient, and he listened well. He answers quite meticulously, can break things down into a simple response and he’s able to translate all the jargon.”

    Recent work: Acted for Sainsbury’s and Asda in a successful judicial review challenge to the procedural fairness of the Competition Markets Authority in an ongoing merger investigation.

    Azeem Suterwalla

    Respected claimant-side advocate practising at the intersection of public and human rights law, particularly in cases involving children’s and migrants’ rights. He is also adept in data protection law and commercial regulatory judicial review.

    Strengths: “I like his style very much – he’s quick and client-focused and he knows what we’re trying to achieve.” “He’s keen to take on challenging cases and push the boundaries of the law where appropriate. He has sound judgement and is able to think tactically about a case.” “He is reliable and very prompt to respond to any issues you may have. He is good on his feet in court and persuasive with his written pleadings.

    Recent work: Represented Avaaz in its challenge to Ofcom’s decision to continue to consider Sky News a fit and proper broadcaster following its takeover by 21st Century Fox.

    Steve Broach

    Has considerable experience of bringing challenges against local and central government decisions. He is particularly committed to handling cases involving disabled claimants. He is especially active in challenges involving healthcare provision and housing allocation by local authorities.

    Strengths: “He’s easy to work with and efficient, and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area.” “Particularly good at coming up with novel solutions in cases.” “He provides practical and user-friendly advice and is technically very strong in this field.”

    Recent work: Brought a successful judicial review challenge, instigated by a child and her family, challenging the decision of Northamptonshire County Council to close a library.

    Julianne Morrison

    Involved in significant public and administrative law challenges on behalf of both claimants and defendants. Her broad public law experience encompasses commercial, regulatory and human rights law challenges. She has attracted attention for her important work in data protection, environmental and national security cases.

    Strengths: “She’s a rising star who has a formidable intellect and is my go-to for data protection matters. She provides exceptional insight, analyses material in depth, and offers a friendly, approachable attitude.” “Excellent on the drafting of submissions and on case strategy.” “An extremely talented young lawyer with whom it is a real pleasure to work. She is smart, reliable and extremely hard-working.”

    Recent work: Acted for a Sudanese man who had held refugee status in the UK, in a complex SIAC case following the deprivation of his British citizenship while on holiday in Sudan and his detention upon returning to the UK.

    Brendan McGurk

    Predominantly defends public bodies, including government departments and commercial regulators, in judicial reviews. His broad substantive expertise includes human rights, competition and taxation. He has considerable experience in public law litigation arising out of international armed conflicts.

    Strengths: “His intellectual capacity is fantastic; he’s good to work with, his written work is outstanding, and he’s an incredibly capable, compelling advocate. His ability to break down the facts and applicable law was highly impressive.” “An imaginative, intelligent, up-and-coming barrister with an expanding practice.” “His submissions were forceful, persuasive and well researched.”

    Recent work: Successfully defended the Competition and Markets Authority in a judicial review claim brought by Gallaher and Somerfield Stores against its refusal to refund penalties levied in competition infringement proceedings brought by the now-defunct Office of Fair Trading.

    Conor McCarthy

    Frequently sought out by individual claimants and NGOs seeking to challenge government decisions through judicial review. His wide-ranging expertise encompasses administrative and public law claims invoking EU law, human rights and procedural grounds.

    Strengths: “I’d highly recommend him for any judicial review with international elements. He’s one of the few people who really understands this niche area well.” “He provides very thorough, detailed and comprehensive advice.”

    Recent work: Acted for Campaign Against Arms Trade in its successful challenge to the continued sale of armaments to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen, on the grounds that it is unlawful in domestic and EU law.

  • Aviation

    Anneli Howard

    Her proficiency in regulatory and competition law is reflected by her appointment as standing counsel to the Civil Aviation Authority. She is also capable when handling aviation matters with European and public law overlap, and has significant expertise in drone legislation. Howard’s experience also encompasses planning and licensing requirements and regulatory investigations.

    Strengths: “Easy to work with and always willing to assist, she gives helpful, balanced and pragmatic advice, getting to the key points quickly and cutting through the issues.”

    Recent work: Advised the CAA on planning and licensing requirements for the new runway capacity at Heathrow.

  • Civil Liberties & Human Rights

    Monckton Chambers is noted for its particular capability to handle the human rights aspects of commercial and regulatory litigation. Its members offer expertise across a wide range of human rights matters including children’s rights, disability discrimination, immigration law and police law. Monckton barristers regularly appear at all levels in domestic courts and before the ECtHR.

    Client service: “I like instructing Monckton because you get a professional service from their clerks. They provide fee notes in a timely fashion and they are always correct.”


    Ben Emmerson QC

    A highly commended lawyer with an esteemed international practice encompassing public, criminal and human rights law. Greatly sought after as an advocate, Ben makes regular appearances before all levels of the domestic courts, the ECJ and the International Criminal Court. He frequently acts for and against foreign governments, advising on the right to life and prohibition of inhuman and degrading treatment under the ECHR.

    Strengths: “Ben is well recognised for his major role in civil liberties and human rights matters.” “He’s very well known and highly regarded in terms of his ability.”


    Piers Gardner

    Highly regarded for his in-depth knowledge of EU law and particularly the ECHR, having previously worked at the European Commission of Human Rights. He advises throughout the UK and Europe on data and property protection, jurisdictional issues and extradition matters. He also has experience acting on behalf of the UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

    Strengths: “He pays meticulous attention to detail but also has a human touch and he’s really good with clients. He also has a very clear and persuasive writing style.”

    Recent work: Acted in Zia and Others v Cyprus, the first application by dispossessed Turkish Cypriots against the Government of Cyprus for the expropriation and exploitation without compensation of extensive commercial residential and agricultural land in and near Limassol.

    Eric Metcalfe

    A highly commended human rights practitioner who is a familiar face in the Supreme Court. He regularly handles high-profile, sensitive cases concerning national security and immigration matters. He frequently represents government departments,regulatory authorities and NGOs. He also has experience acting for coalition groups and has intervened at the ECtHR in support of the right to freedom of expression worldwide.

    Strengths: “His written submissions are of extremely high quality.”

    Recent work: Acted in Big Brother Watch and Others v United Kingdom, the first case at the international level dealing with mass surveillance by the UK intelligence services.

    Azeem Suterwalla

    A respected practitioner with a broad human rights practice, known for his expertise in the rights of children, education and social housing. He also demonstrates particular insight into the needs of vulnerable adults and matters concerning state retention of information. He is regularly instructed in major human rights cases at all levels of UK court as well as at the ECtHR and CJEU.

    Strengths: “Azeem is reliable and very prompt to respond to any issues you may have. He is good on his feet in court and persuasive in his written pleadings.” “He makes it look easy. He has a special rapport with the clients, especially those who have been let down by the system on a number of occasions.”

    Recent work: Acted on behalf of the claimants in GP, JP and P v London Borough of Camden, concerning whether in failing to provide support to a mother and her two children without immigration status, they were left destitute and if the Borough breached their Article 3 and 8 rights.

    Steve Broach

    Is a discrimination and disability rights specialist who regularly appears in high-profile challenges in the Supreme Court. Many of his cases arise in an educational context and he often represents vulnerable children and local authorities.

    Strengths: “He fights hard for his clients.”

    Recent work: Acted in Mr and Mrs C v Governing Body of a School, a successful human rights challenge to a long-standing rule which excluded disabled children from the protection of the Equality Act 2010 where they demonstrated a tendency to physical abuse, arguing that it breached Article 14.

    Nikolaus Grubeck

    A notable civil liberties and human rights junior who has a significant practice at all levels of UK court and the ECtHR. He represents NGOs and individuals as well as the government in a range of matters, with a particular specialism in national security. He is known for his expertise in data protection, especially when it comes to new developments in the area.

    Strengths: “Incredibly hard-working and dedicated. He punches above his level of call.” “He’s sharp, insightful and really good on his feet.”

    Recent work: Acted for the claimant in R (Ul Haq) v Walsall Council, a judicial review of Walsall Council’s cemeteries policy, regarding burial rules for Muslims.

    Conor McCarthy

    A junior with a strong human rights and civil liberties practice, known for his involvement in surveillance matters. He draws on his prior experience working at the ECtHR and for the UN, focusing his practice on judicial review claims and public international law. His extensive client base includes NGOs, public bodies and individual claimants.

    Strengths: “A good junior and pleasant to work with.”

    Recent work: Appeared in R (Campaign Against Arms Trade) v Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, in which the claimant NGO brought a challenge against the UK Government decision to continue selling armaments to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen.

  • Community Care

    Monckton Chambers has a strong reputation for its handling of a variety of sophisticated community care matters. Members are well regarded for their expertise in social care cases, and offer additional strength in crossover matters involving human rights, immigration, mental health and education. The team acts for a diverse list of clients including vulnerable adults and children, public authorities, charities and NGOs. The set’s barristers are well versed in judicial review claims and routinely appear before the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. Recent work highlights for the set include R (E) v Islington LBC, an access to education human rights claim concerning achild who had been a victim of domestic violence, and R (ZK) v LB Redbridge, a judicial review claim which challenged the policy of a London borough in relation to the provision of support services for children with complex visual impairment.

    Client service: “The clerks provide a very professional service – they provide fee notes in a timely fashion and they are always correct. They go above and beyond to help out.”


    Ian Wise QC

    Praised for his work representing claimants, and experienced across an array of issues. His community care work is complemented by strength in local government, human rights and administrative and public law generally. He has regularly appeared in community care cases in the higher courts, including the Supreme Court.

    Strengths: “He’s very knowledgeable, capable and has an incredibly fast mind. He cuts straight through the issues to get to the heart of the matter.” “You could give him the most complex case and he somehow makes it straightforward. He’s also very compelling in court.”

    Recent work: Instructed in R (CXF) v Central Bedfordshire Council and North Norfolk CCG, an appeal to the Court of Appeal concerning the obligations placed on local authorities to provide after-care support to patients who have been detained under the Mental Health Act.


    Steve Broach

    Particularly well known for his work concerning the rights of disabled children and adults. He is a go-to barrister for community care work and has been instructed in cases all the way up to the Supreme Court.

    Strengths: “Very impressive, takes good points and delivers well in court.” “He is extremely experienced and is very good on paper.”

    Recent work: Acted in R (WX) v Northamptonshire CC, a high-profile and successful challenge to the decision of the local authority to cut its library service, which also threatened the closure of the associated children’s centre.

    Azeem Suterwalla

    Specialist in public and human rights law. He is an expert in work that relates to vulnerable and disabled children and adults, and is very experienced in immigration matters. He has also been involved in a number of cases challenging budget-related cuts to public services.

    Strengths: “He’s absolutely charming and very effective as an opponent.” “He gets to grips with the key issues of a case really quickly, and has the wider case in his mind at all times. He’s always thinking about the next steps and what evidence would be required.”

    Recent work: Acted for the claimant in Zia Hamidi v LB Lewisham, a test case concerning whether a failure by the defendant to correctly assess the claimant’s age when he arrived in the UK as an unaccompanied asylum seeker, and then a failure to treat him as his assessed age, sounded in a common law negligence claim for damages.

  • Commercial Dispute Resolution


    Gregory Pipe

    Strengths: “Greg is a good advocate on his feet, who is very tactical and very strategic. He’s excellent on the really heavy stuff and very good with clients.”

    Recent work: Represented Wilton in a £45 million claim arising from a joint venture in relation to a development site. The case involved three interrelated actions for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and professional negligence.

    William Buck 

    Strengths: “William is very commercial, and he finds a way to make the law work in his client’s favour.” “He is very pleasant, approachable and user-friendly. Clients like him and he works well as part of a legal team.”

    Recent work: Acted for Old Mutual International against Swiss bank Leonteq. The case concerned the failure of £180 million in structured investments which OMI alleges it was deliberately mis-sold over several years, resulting in substantial losses.

    Drew Holiner 

    Strengths: “Very good at giving incisive advice which gets to the point. He’s helpful and user-friendly and he has a great turnaround time.” “Drew Holiner is a good resource at the Bar, as he is dual-qualified in English and Russian law.”

    Recent work: Advised and served as expert to Manchester Shipping in its multi-jurisdictional shipping dispute against Balfour Worldwide and Sochin, which encompassed England, Russia and the Isle of Man.

    North Eastern

    Gregory Pipe 

    Remains a strong choice for complex, high-value contractual fraud cases. He has many years of experience of handling cases relating to shareholder disputes, joint ventures, commercial fraud, contracts and acquisitions.

    Strengths: “He is brilliant and involved in big cases.”

    William Buck

    Experienced practitioner instructed in large-scale commercial disputes often involving financial services and shareholder disputes. Much of his work takes in multi-jurisdictional cases with an offshore element. He handles claims relating to contracts, property, trusts and professional negligence.

    Strengths: “He is very efficient, user-friendly and solid on his feet.”

  • Competition

    Monckton Chambers is widely recognised as a superb choice for complex competition law mandates across all key areas of practice. Members of chambers advise on major follow-on or standalone private enforcement actions in the UK courts, and have experience in key cases on the certification of opt-out collective actions. They further stand out for their focus on merger control, and have represented merging parties, competition regulators or other UK public bodies in some of the key investigations of the day. Members here are regularly to be seen acting on either side of appeals of CMA or EC decisions before courts in the UK or in Luxembourg, and also win praise for their work on competition law issues arising through price control reviews. Of late, they have shown their worth in the most important cases in the market including the ‘pay for delay’ pharmaceutical case, the trucks cartel litigation, the air cargo litigation, and the investigation into Fox’s proposed acquisition of Sky. Those that instruct the set say that “it has developed an incredibly strong brand in competition and EU law, and has true leaders in the area, who are responsive and fully aware of what is and what is not achievable in a case.”

    Client service: “With the barristers at Monckton you are comfortable that they are giving their full attention to every matter and that they are not too busy.” “John Keegan at Monckton is seriously impressive; he makes sure that he’s on top of everything and he understands how to help our clients.” “The senior clerk David Hockney is very helpful in steering us to other juniors within Monckton and is always very prompt.” “The clerks are willing to work to explore alternative funding methods and be flexible.” “Linda Antonioni on reception is the heart and soul of Monckton. It is great how she seems to know every client and all of the current work you have going on.”


    Jon Turner QC

    Enjoys an outstanding reputation for his competition litigation practice. He represents claimants and defendants in market-leading follow-on or standalone damages claims, including key cases on behalf of major IT or retail sector clients. He acts either for private companies or for the CMA in administrative appeals of competition decisions, and has proven experience in cases heard before the CAT, the UK senior courts or the CJEU.

    Strengths: “Rolls up his sleeves and gets stuck in as a full member of the team.” “He has a good read on what judges are going to like and makes sure that the whole energy of the case points in the right direction.” “If an argument comes from him judges take it seriously, because they know that he is not going to take silly points. Even if it is a difficult point, he articulates it in a way that the judge will get behind.” “Clients love him because he’s able to explain things very clearly and concisely.” “He knows what a general counsel needs to do to translate thorny legal issues to their CEO; he is able to give nuggets of concise information and advice that they can pass on to stakeholders in their business.”

    Recent work: Acted for a claimant group consisting of Asda, Argos and Morrisons in their appeal against a High Court decision on the recoverability of interchange fees charged by Mastercard.

    Daniel Beard QC

    Highly sought-after silk who earns superb praise for his oral advocacy skills in complex competition cases. He handles diverse matters spanning competition damages claims, merger control advisory topics and appeals against CMA or Ofcom decisions, acting for both claimants and defendants. He also advises on CJEU appeals against EC findings of illegal state aid.

    Strengths: “Has thousands of hours’ experience on his feet, which shows in his delivery.” “He thinks quickly on his feet when asked questions by the judge and doesn’t get flustered.” “Daniel is a very persuasive advocate both in appellate courts and at first instance. He knows the law back to front and has a good strategic view.”

    Recent work: Appeared in Emerald Supplies Limited and Others v British Airways, the air cargo cartel case.

    Tim Ward QC

    Sought after for a number of different competition law matters, assisting claimants and defendants with cartel and abuse of dominance cases. He acts for several important TMT sector companies.

    Strengths: “Looks to deal with issues head on, before the other side raises the point.” “He’s extremely personable, gets stuck in to the nitty-gritty of the day-to-day drafting,” has “good strategic judgement and never loses sight of the client’s broader commercial perspective.” “Tim is pragmatic and understands what is needed from senior counsel in terms of giving advice that can be fed to the board; he’s very much to the point and clear.”

    Recent work: Acted for several truck purchasers including Royal Mail, BT and Dawsongroup in their claims against truck manufacturers.

    Meredith Pickford QC

    Defends important technology or automotive sector clients, amongst others, in follow-on damages claims brought in the UK seeking damages for alleged abuse of dominance or cartel conduct. He acts for claimants in cases against financial services companies, and also advises on sensitive regulatory appeals. Interviewees regularly highlight his ability to engage with economics arguments in competition damages claims.

    Strengths: “An extremely hands-on QC, who gets into the detail and lives and breathes the case.” “His capacity to absorb facts and get right to the heart of the issues is impressive.” “Sometimes the message we need to give to the client can be difficult, especially where there are potential criminal sanctions for the individuals concerned. If you are trying to give advice to a client at an early stage, having someone of his stature, who is also very calm and measured, is vitally important.”

    Recent work: Acted for DAF in the defence of several high-value follow-on claims brought by purchasers of trucks.

    Philip Moser QC

    Acts for both claimants and defendants in cartel damages claims. He also assists clients with state aid law and abuse of dominance allegations.

    Strengths: “Sensitive to the challenges of client-facing work. He can be flexible and he understands different perspectives very quickly.”

    Recent work: Defended Prysmian in proceedings brought by Vattenfall and other claimants seeking damages for the increased cost of power cables as a result of a market-sharing cartel among European cable manufacturers. The defendants sought to strike out Vattenfall’s claim based on lack of jurisdiction to hear the case in the UK.

    Mark Brealey QC

    A leading practitioner both at domestic and EU level, who acts for both claimants and defendants. He has a broad practice, representing clients in cartel follow-on claims, pricing investigations and FRAND licensing matters, and has attracted recent attention for his success in overturning CMA decisions on excessive pricing in the pharmaceuticals sector.

    Strengths: “He has an understated advocacy style” and a “really good nose for how a case should be run.” “In court you can tell that all of the senior competition judges trust his views.” “He breaks down complicated issues for the judge to understand” and “you see all levels of the judiciary paying a lot of attention to him.”

    Recent work: Acted for Ryder in its claim against MAN and other trucks manufacturers for losses incurred as a result of the defendants’ participation in a large-scale price-fixing cartel.

    Paul Harris QC

    Widely regarded as an excellent choice for cases that call for a forceful advocacy style, he acts for clients in a number of cartel litigation cases, appearing for both claimants and defendants. He also assists parties with abuse of dominance and merger clearance matters, and attracts attention for his work on high-profile cases that test the CAT’s application of rules on the certification of class actions.

    Strengths: “A powerful advocate and a strong force in court.” “He narrows down the salient points and is forceful in his delivery of them.” “Clients completely rely on his advice and really value everything he says,” valuing the fact that he is “very clear-cut and direct.”

    Recent work: Defended Daimler in proceedings filed by various claimant groups seeking to obtain damages from participants in the trucks cartel.

    Kassie Smith QC

    Advises competition regulators and government bodies on their handling of behavioural or merger control investigations, and on wider public reviews of competition law enforcement in overseas jurisdictions. She earns further praise for her handling of commercial damages actions.

    Strengths: “You can rely upon her to working incredibly well with the team when building a case.” “She is calm and level-headed in a crisis, tackling everything with a good deal of pragmatism.” “Clients really appreciate her advice as she can get across difficult issues and make them easy to understand.”

    Recent work: Conducted an independent review of the Jersey Competition and Regulatory Authority on behalf of the States of Jersey. The review focused on the JCRA’s handling of an abuse of dominance investigation into ATF Overseas Holdings

    George Peretz QC

    Has a broad EU and competition law practice that extends from state aid cases to abuse of dominance and the defence of EC cartel decisions in CJEU appeals. He also has proven experience of intervening in CMA merger control investigations and applying for judicial review of Ofcom decisions that affect competition in the UK media sector.

    Strengths: “A great thinker when it comes to EU and competition law, who is well known for his expertise.” “His thoroughness, common sense and good client manner always impress.”

    Recent work: Represented the EC in separate CJEU appeals brought by Air Canada and by Latam Airlines Group and Lan Cargo. The airlines sought to overturn fines imposed for the fixing of air freight prices.

    Josh Holmes QC

    Has a broad competition law practice, advising clients on state aid, abuse of dominance and cartel matters, and has quickly established a reputation as an important competition law silk. Holmes acts on the defendant side of follow-on damages claims, earning praise for his ability to assess quantum in complex cases. He also assists public sector clients with the defence of regulatory decisions at the CJEU or in UK administrative appeals. He has experience of handling diverse cases relating to the pharmaceutical and telecoms sectors.

    Strengths: “Able to get to grips with difficult points quickly and simplify them. He drafts things in a really clear way and brings out the story behind the case.” “Insightful, commercial and very client-friendly, he is someone whose advice is always spot on.” “His arguments are to the point and he gets things across very concisely.”

    Recent work: Acted for Rabobank in a claim brought by the FDIC seeking damages for LIBOR-fixing among European banks.

    Ronit Kreisberger QC

    New silk who has proven skill in complex competition claims. She advises on CAT and CJEU appeals against adverse decisions on pay-for-delay agreements in the pharmaceuticals sector, and has experience of intervening for competition regulators in high-profile follow-on damages claims. Kreisberger assists with the competition law aspects of disputes in key regulated sectors.

    Strengths: “She gets how clients want to receive advice.” “You can talk to her about any significant case and she always has an interesting insight.”

    Recent work: Assisted the EC with its intervention in a key Court of Appeal case concerning interchange fees charged by Visa and Mastercard.


    Rob Williams

    Known for his former experience working as a solicitor and for his regular selection to handle complex cases for the CMA. He defends the UK competition authority in procedural challenges brought by companies that are subject to dawn raids or that are facing phase II merger control investigations. He also supports claimants or defendants in competition damages claims.

    Strengths: “Displays excellent attention to detail, is robust in his advice and is strong in court.” “He gets on top of quite complex factual legal situations very quickly, is hands-on and is easy to work with.”

    Recent work: Acted for DAF in several pieces of litigation arising from the Commission’s information exchange infringement decision relating to medium and heavy trucks.

    Anneli Howard

    Widely recognised as a superb choice to handle a wide range of competition law cases. She is often chosen to work together with leading silks on either the defendant or claimant side of important follow-on damages claims, and appears unled in standalone private enforcement actions.

    Strengths: “Her experience over all areas of competition law, whether it be regulatory appeals or follow-ons for defendants or claimants, means that she’s able to look at cases from all angles and give really pragmatic advice.” “She is really practical, pragmatic and commercial.”

    Recent work: Acted for the complainant at all stages of a CMA investigation into Ping’s online distribution practices. Howard drafted the initial complaint, handled hearings before the CMA and intervened in the subsequent CAT appeal against the CMA’s decision to fine Ping for breach of competition rules.

    Alistair Lindsay

    Stands out as a merger control specialist, and is noted for his former experience of having worked within a major City law firm. He also assists with abuse of dominance matters and other competition law questions.

    Strengths: “Works very collaboratively with clients and solicitors, and gives very succinct and pragmatic opinions.” “He is great on merger control, which is one area that the Bar doesn’t cover that much. Alistair is very cerebral but is also user-friendly and good at explaining issues to clients.”

    Recent work: Assisted Sainsbury’s and Asda with an application to the CAT for an extension on their deadline to respond to the CMA’s merger control investigation.

    Ben Rayment

    Advises competition regulators on appeals against their decisions, and supports private sector clients throughout CMA behavioural investigations, handling any subsequent follow-on damages actions for either claimants or defendants. He further stands out for his ability to take on smaller domestic commercial claims that raise competition law arguments.

    Strengths: “Fully gets to grips with the detail of a case” and is “good at identifying the killer point.” “Thoughtful and academic, he’s interested both in the law and in the client’s business underlying the work.” “He is a really calming influence when you’re faced with large-scale, complex litigation.”

    Recent work: Acted for the claimant group in Emerald Supplies Ltd and others v British Airways Plc. The case raised the question of whether UK courts have jurisdiction to award damages for cartel activities that occurred prior to 2004, the date when national courts were made responsible for the enforcement of EU competition law.

    Julian Gregory

    Offers a broad competition law practice, advising on merger clearance, follow-on damages claims, pricing and state aid cases. He frequently acts for claimants in competition litigation.

    Strengths: “Particularly good when working on quantum and testing whether or not the economics behind our argument works.” “He is extremely industrious” and “is willing to explain the situation in a way that is easy to understand.”

    Recent work: Acted for the NHS in Scotland and Northern Ireland on their joint claim against Servier. The claimants relied on a decision by the EC that Servier had abused its dominant position through measures taken to stop competitors from selling generic perindopril tablets.

    Alan Bates

    Has a strong track record in administrative appeals against decisions made by UK or EU competition regulators. He has notable experience of directly defending the EC or acting for companies seeking to defend successful outcomes from complaints to UK sector regulators. Bates further assists recipients of tax benefits with challenges to EC findings of illegal state aid. He also attracts attention for his work on class actions in the cartel damages field.

    Strengths: “Always has in mind what the client is trying to achieve and how he can help them to achieve that goal.” “He is a tenacious advocate.”

    Recent work: Defended the EC in an appeal against its decision to fine British Airways EUR104 million for its participation in the air cargo cartel.

    Ben Lask

    Often defends competition regulators in CAT or CJEU appeals against their decisions, and has recent experience in cases relating to price-fixing cartels or vertical restraints. He also advises on the claimant side of cartel damages claims.

    Strengths: “Very responsive and the quality of his output on short deadlines is very high.” “He is easy to work with and extremely bright.”

    Recent work: Defended the CMA’s decision to fine Ping for banning the online sale of its golf clubs.

    Philip Woolfe

    Plays a supporting role in follow-on damages claims on behalf of both claimants and defendants, having acted on highlight claims in the pharmaceuticals and air freight sectors. He has notable additional experience appearing either led or unled in standalone private enforcement cases.

    Strengths: “His critical thinking is superb.” “He turns things around quickly, is on top of all of the detail in cases and has good instincts about the right approach to take.” “His direct and clear approach plays well.”

    Recent work: Acted for Korean Air in the defence of proceedings brought by Emerald Supplies and others against participants in the air cargo cartel.

    Anneliese Blackwood

    Represents private clients and government departments as claimants in competition damages claims, both at a UK level and before the EC. She also advises clients on CMA investigations into abuse of dominance.

    Strengths: “She knows competition damages actions inside out and is very thorough.”

    Recent work: Acted for the group of claimants led by Emerald Supplies in their case against British Airways and other participants in the air cargo cartel.

    Laura Elizabeth John

    Has a strong reputation among instructing solicitors and members of the Bar for her experience in follow-on damages claims. She acts for private and public sector claimants on high-value cases, and has clients from a number of sectors, including the energy, healthcare and technology industries.

    Strengths: “Super-clever, really practical and massively knowledgeable about the law.” “She is not afraid to challenge and push back on arguments.”

    Recent work: Appeared unled for the Welsh NHS in its follow-on damages claim against Servier.

    Ligia Osepciu

    Benefits from regular instructions across a diverse range of competition and wider EU law topics. She advises on state aid cases, public procurement issues and appeals against decisions taken by UK sector regulators, and is also an expert in follow-on damages cases and IP disputes that raise key competition law arguments.

    Strengths: “Able to get to grips with a large amount of detail and background in a short time.” “She works very well in a team and can take on the lion’s share of any case.” “Ligia is an encyclopaedia of competition law knowledge, who spots issues very well and gives pragmatic and commercial advice.”

    Recent work: Advised Royal Mail on its appeal against the £50 million fine imposed by Ofcom for abuse of dominance.

    Julianne Morrison

    Popular choice for key UK sector regulators seeking to defend challenges to the exercise of their competition law enforcement powers, appearing both as sole counsel and as a key part of counsel teams. She also has experience in competition damages claims for technology sector defendants and retail sector claimants.

    Strengths: “Very dependable and able to get things done in tight timeframes for demanding clients.” “She understands the client’s interests and is able to work out strategically how best to put together a case. Her drafting is impressive and she is diligent and tireless in getting things done.”

    Recent work: Defended Ofcom’s decision to fine Royal Mail for abuse of dominance. The regulator investigated a complaint filed by Whistl following price increases for Royal Mail’s wholesale customers.

    Alison Berridge

    Attracts instructions both from solicitors and directly from UK regulators to advise on merger control or behavioural investigations.

    Strengths: “Alison spent quite a few years in private practice, so has a real understanding of the timelines and availability that solicitors are required to give their clients.” “She gives practical and commercial advice,” and “has great tactical understanding in terms of knowing what the client wants to achieve and seeing how that can be delivered.”

    Recent work: Advised the FCA on its investigation into potential collusion between asset managers in the pricing of IPOs.

    James Bourke

    In-demand junior who is often paired with leading competition silks on high-profile cases. He defends private enforcement actions and handles appeals against EC or CMA decisions. Bourke attracts attention for his previous experience working in the EC and at a major City firm.

    Strengths: “His skill really outweighs his year of call; he is clever, thorough and knows EU competition law inside out.” “Incredibly hard-working, creative and thoughtful.”

    Recent work: Defended Google in a private enforcement action brought by Unlockd. The claimant alleged abuse of dominance following Google’s decision to block access to the Unlockd app on Android phones.

    Michael Armitage

    Increasingly attracts attention for his contributions to follow-on damages claims and other private enforcement actions. He also handles CJEU appeals against EC cartel decisions.

    Strengths: “His attention to detail is good and his drafting is excellent.” “He is practical and willing to work hard, and is someone who gets on very well with clients.”

    Recent work: Defended Daimler in claims brought by various parties affected by the trucks cartel.

    Thomas Sebastian

    Well known for his handling of major competition damages claims, including those seeking to enforce EC infringement decisions against trucks, cathode ray tube and power cables manufacturers. He represents both claimants and defendants, and is noted for his advice to regulators and government bodies on appeals against authority decisions, particularly those relating to the pharmaceutical industry.

    Strengths: “Thoughtful and hard-working,” he’s “a calming influence, who works to build a consensus among parties.” “He’s extremely good value for someone of his level of call as he has a decade of experience of practising in India.”

    Recent work: Acted for Singapore Airlines and other Part 20 defendants brought into cartel damages proceedings filed by Emerald Supplies against British Airways.

  • Crime: International Criminal law

    Ben Emmerson QC

    Masterful silk who attracts praise for his exceptional advocacy skills. He has been entrusted with the most serious and complex matters to come before the international criminal courts, including the ICJ and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). He presently sits as a judge in the Appeals Chambers of the ICTY and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda. His recent work includes representing Saif al-Islam Gaddafi and Abdullah al-Senussi before the ICC, looking at the question of where their criminal trials should be located.

    Strengths: “He is one of the outstanding people in this area and is truly a go-to person for international criminal law.” “He is very experienced, has a top-drawer intellect and is effective as an advocate.”

  • Data Protection

    Chambers is experienced in bringing to bear its information law capabilities in the context of commercial, environmental and human rights disputes, including judicial review and regulatory issues. The team’s client base ranges from individuals, companies and NGOs to government bodies and regulatory entities such as the ICO. Members of Monckton Chambers recently represented a group of eight free expression NGOs in EU-based litigation against Google, concerning the international scope of the ‘right to be forgotten’.

    Client service: “The clerks are always there when I need them, and they always seem to be on top of our matters.” “They know exactly what they’re doing, they’re prompt and reliable, and they do their very best to get back to me when they say they will.”


    Gerry Facenna QC

    Tends to a varied client base of individuals and organisations which request and hold information, and regularly acts for public authorities, including Information Commissioner itself, offering advice on all aspects of data protection and freedom of information. He has an extensive track record of appearing in cutting-edge cases in forums including the Supreme Court and the CJEU.

    Strengths: “He’s an approachable, down-to-earth and commercially minded silk, and his written advice is really good.” “An excellent barrister, and a very robust and authoritative advocate.”

    Recent work: Represented a number of NGOs in a CJEU case between the French data protection agency, the CNIL, and Google on the ‘right to be forgotten’. The CNIL contented that Google must observe EU-based rules requiring it to de-list certain results in all jurisdictions in which it operated.


    Laura John

    Frequently selected to represent the Information Commissioner, and accustomed to appearing as sole counsel against QCs. Security clearance allows her to tackle sensitive matters relating to national security, including cases involving the disclosure of personal information by public authorities.

    Strengths: “A really good lawyer who is also very responsive.”

    Recent work: Advised the ICO on its decision to find that Uber had infringed upon its data protection obligations following a cyber attack. The determination was accompanied by a fine totalling £385,000.

    Julianne Morrison

    Highly proficient in public law matters with an information focus, including environmental, freedom of information and data protection cases. She draws on experience at many levels of the courts, with an affinity for representing claimants, data-controlling companies and public entities including the Information Commissioner.

    Strengths: “Julianne analyses material in depth, offers a friendly, approachable attitude and has a formidable intellect.” “Her advocacy before the Tribunal is calm and reasoned, yet passionate.”

    Recent work: Represented Open Rights Group and the3million in their judicial review disputing the compliance of the 2018 Data Protection Act with GDPR. The challenge related to post-Brexit data sharing.

  • Education

    Ian Wise QC

    Has an active appellate practice and handles a wide range of important education, public law and human rights matters. He is routinely instructed by national charities and has strong knowledge of equality law. His advice is regularly sought in connection with the Children and Families Act 2014, and he has been instructed on a number of cases relating to its provisions.

    Strengths: “A high-quality and no-nonsense silk. He’s not afraid of a challenge or to pursue difficult and novel points. He pushes the borders of law further.” “He’s an excellent negotiator, a safe pair of hands and is very good with clients.”

    Recent work: Acted for claimant in R (LMT) v Secretary of State for Education, a challenge to regulations that provide for 30 hours of free nursery provision for certain three and four year old children.

  • Environment

    Barristers at Monckton Chambers are known for their extensive knowledge of EU environmental regulations. The set acts for several government departments, as well as individuals, corporates and environmental campaign groups, and members appear before all levels of the UK and European court systems. Members are instructed in waste, contaminated land and electricity-related cases, among other complex disputes.

    Gerry Facenna QC

    Recognised as an expert for cases relating to the EU regulation of, and access to, environmental information. His client base includes campaign groups, individuals, corporations, government bodies and regulators.

    Strengths: “He is very strong on his feet and very persuasive.”

    Recent work: Acted for Heathrow Airport in connection with the EU and competition law aspects of five judicial review challenges brought against the government’s decision to support a third runway at the airport.

  • European

    Enjoys a superb reputation for its handling of European law cases before the CJEU or the UK courts. Members often advise on challenges to the substance or application of telecommunications, tax and life sciences regulations in the UK, and act in key competition litigation examining the EU law principles underlying the legislation. Chambers also acts in appeals against the introduction of EU financial services regulations and CJEU references that seek to clarify the interpretation of the same. The barristers advise private individuals and the UK government on Francovich damages cases. Key individuals stand out for their contributions to the Brexit process, and display demonstrable expertise in questions relating to Article 50 TEU and other connected matters, such as the Wightman reference.

    Client service: “The clerks are efficient and friendly” and “the barristers are adaptable and we find good ways of working together.” “The clerks are good at getting a reply from their barristers about availability. They are very clear about fees from the outset.” David Hockney leads the clerking team.


    Tim Ward QC

    Often advises on EU law-based appeals against decisions made by UK telecoms, tax or health and safety regulators. He has experience in diverse cases heard before the CJEU and before domestic courts.

    Strengths: “A top performer. Clear and robust in marrying EU law with UK law.”

    Recent work: Advised Inmarsat Ventures on its intervention in a case brought by Viasat against Ofcom. Viasat raised EU law arguments in its petition to overturn Ofcom’s decision to allow Inmarsat to roll out satellite broadband services for airline passengers.

    Gerry Facenna QC

    Rises up the rankings owing to consistently strong praise for his work in significant European law mandates. He has made significant contributions to the Brexit conversation both through his co-authorship of the ‘Three Knights Opinion’ and his appearance in the Wightman reference. Facenna also advises on energy sector state aid, employee benefits and data protection cases that are heard before EU courts.

    Strengths: “His written arguments are extremely compelling” and he is “an absolutely outstanding advocate whose mastery of the detail is just beyond belief.” “He sees to the heart of the issues and is very calm and measured.”

    Recent work: Represented Chris Leslie MP and Tom Brake MP as interveners in Wightman and Others v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. The CJEU handed down a preliminary ruling that the UK is able to unilaterally revoke its notification of intention to leave the EU under Article 50 TEU.

    Philip Moser QC

    Attracts praise for his public procurement, competition law and sanctions expertise. He advises on a wide range of EU law issues, including Francovich damages.

    Strengths: “He has an easy charm and is very effective.”

    Recent work: Acted for the claimant in Lewis v Tindale, Motor Insurers’ Bureau and Secretary of State for Transport. The case concerned the direct effect of the Consolidated Motor Insurance Directive and arose from an incident where a trespasser was hit by a farm vehicle on private land, an accident not liable to be insured under UK law.

    Jon Turner QC

    Has a leading EU-based competition law practice, and acts in cases concerning telecommunications, environmental issues and financial services.

    Strengths: “Offered excellent advice in relation to competition claims.”

    Recent work: Advised Asda, Morrisons and Argos in their Court of Appeal case against Mastercard, seeking damages for the charging of interchange fees in breach of EU law.

    Daniel Beard QC

    Outstanding barrister who is a particularly popular choice for competition law-based telecoms regulatory appeals. He advises on data protection cases and high-profile state aid appeals heard before the CJEU, and also earns praise for his handling of Francovich damages claims.

    Strengths: “Able to work across multiple potential fronts of legal challenges and to work with us on putting a case together in record time.” “He has a very refreshing style: he really does break up arguments by advancing points in a genuinely novel way.”

    Kassie Smith QC

    Has experience in diverse ECJ cases, including recent mandates that challenge Commission decisions on genetically modified crops or that hold the UK to account for its failure to meet EU environmental targets. She advises on UK proceedings dealing with conflicts between UK law for the aviation sector and the right to freedom of movement within the EU. She also acts as counsel in energy sector arbitration proceedings.

    Strengths: “Her rapport with the client is very good; she is able to set the client at ease and be quite frank with them about the whole process.”

    Recent work: Advised Gazprom in two Stockholm arbitration proceedings with Naftogaz in relation to contracts for the supply and transit of natural gas from Russia through Ukraine and into the EU.

    Ian Rogers QC

    Has advised in a number of cases relating to the compatibility of plain packaging rules or bans on tobacco products with EU law, as well as other disputes regarding imported products. He frequently acts for UK government departments on advisory or contentious topics.

    Strengths: “Solution-driven and very approachable,” Rogers is able to “analyse complex facts, consider the legal position and provide advice that is very practical. He doesn’t just tell the client what the law says, but translates it into what steps the company needs to take.” “Key to his effectiveness is his strategic ability and thorough analysis of the facts.”

    Recent work: Advised HMRC on its response to a reasoned opinion issued by the EC, which requested the UK to pay EUR3 billion in customs duties. The EC argued that the UK had failed to stop large-scale customs fraud through the import of Chinese clothing and footwear into the EU. This alleged failure was cited by Michel Barnier in his Brexit negotiations.

    George Peretz QC

    Advises on complex issues claims relating to the authorisation of medicines across multiple EU member states. He has experience in the defence of Francovich damages claims brought by companies seeking to rely on EU Common Agricultural Policy rules. Peretz is also well known for his trade, customs and state aid expertise.

    Strengths: “Takes what we write and presents it in a way that is easily digestible for the judge.” “He knows state aid law very well” and is “someone I can recommend to any client.”

    Recent work: Intervened for the UK government in a CJEU referral from the Finnish Supreme Administrative Court. The underlying case saw Astellas Pharma object to the issuance of national marketing authorisations for generic medicinal products produced by Helm AG.

    Josh Holmes QC

    Regularly acts for the UK government and for the European Commission, drawing on his former experience working within the ECJ to handle numerous important cases. His recent instructions have included advice on the execution of European Arrest Warrants in light of Brexit, and cases in defence of EC competition decisions.

    Strengths: “Has brilliant judgement and an encyclopaedic knowledge of EU law.” “He understands very well what we are looking for.” “All of the barristers I work with have good written and oral advocacy skills, but I would say he is consistently among the most impressive.”

    Recent work: Represented the UK government in two cases referred from the Irish courts to the CJEU on the continued validity of European Arrest Warrants issued by the UK. Prisoners challenged their extradition to Britain on the basis of the potential for their rights to be eroded as a result of Brexit.

    Robert Palmer QC

    Advises on employment rights, data protection and freedom of movement cases that are either brought directly against the EC or that are referred up from UK courts. He also advises on EU law-based challenges to UK legislation and assists with judicial reviews of UK regulatory decisions.

    Strengths: “Very authoritative and adaptable.” “His drafting is just phenomenal” and “he is extremely clever and methodical.”

    Recent work: Advised the European Federation of Public Service Unions on proceedings against the EC. The claimant association advocated for the introduction of new legislation to protect public sector workers’ rights.


    Anneli Howard

    Stands out for her work in key cases that seek to clarify aspects of the Brexit process and the UK’s future relationship with the EU. She advises public bodies, NGOs and private companies on the potential impact of Brexit on various areas of UK regulation. She also acts on both sides of judicial review applications brought against decisions made by transport, utilities and medicines regulators.

    Strengths: “Right up there in terms of leading juniors.” “Her ability to manage the law and the politics in a very complicated area like Brexit is outstanding. She is very responsive, extremely hard-working and a tremendous person to have on the team.” “She is at the forefront of the information in relation to Brexit.”

    Recent work: Assisted Chris Leslie MP and Tom Brake MP with their intervention in Wightman and Others v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, which was referred to the CJEU for a determination on the UK’s ability to unilaterally revoke Article 50 TEU.

    Alan Bates

    Has a broad European law practice that encompasses competition, telecoms, public procurement and state aid topics.

    Strengths: “He is a very intelligent lawyer” who “has been practising in the area for a long time.”

    Ben Lask

    Often instructed by the public sector to defend challenges to the substance or application of UK law, having handled key cases relating to deportation, state pensions eligibility or the right to reside in the UK. Defends against discrimination claims or cases based on other key European law-derived rights.

    Strengths: “Really makes sure he has understood something all the way through to the roots; his analysis is never superficial and he is always thorough.” “He has an incisive legal mind and very good judgement.”

    Recent work: Represented the government in UK and EU court stages of MB v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions. The case challenged provisions in the Gender Recognition Act 2004 that required a transgender person to be unmarried in order for their acquired gender to be recognised.

  • Immigration

    Robert Palmer QC

    Earns praise from diverse sources for his activity in important cases in the telecoms sector. He handles complex advisory mandates, regulatory appeals and court proceedings for a varied client list that includes leading telecoms operators and public authorities.

    Strengths: “An excellent new silk who has very good judgement.”

    Recent work: Acted unled for the Home Secretary in an appeal brought to SIAC by an Iranian national who was excluded from the UK on national security grounds.

  • Local Government

    Ian Wise QC

    Well versed in complex local authority disputes, including matters relating to the duty to support children and families in need. He regularly acts for claimants and has deep knowledge of social care law. He has appeared in the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal in a number of important cases concerning local authorities and young asylum seekers. He is also well regarded for his handling of cases involving local government finance.

    Strengths: “A well-established silk who certainly knows what he is doing.” “He is absolutely brilliant and very good to work with.” “He is very down to earth, knowledgeable and capable, with an incredibly fast mind.”

    Recent work: Instructed in Z and others v Hackney LBC and Agudas Israel Housing Association, a judicial review case brought by two non-Jewish families against the Agudas Israel Housing Association and Hackney Council. The review challenged the council’s decision not to allocate housing in AIHA properties to the claimants, and alleged that Hackney’s arrangements were discriminatory in allowing AIHA only to allocate housing to members of the Orthodox Jewish community.

  • Public International

    Thomas Sebastian

    Highly regarded for his investment treaty and WTO work. He has acted in treaty disputes involving Cuba, Poland, Colombia, Thailand, India and South Africa, and has also advised the UK government on Brexit-related international law issues.

    Strengths: “Very well respected in international trade.”

    Recent work: Acted in a set of WTO disputes that arose out of President Trump’s imposition of tariffs on the import of steel and aluminium from nine other member states, on national security grounds.

  • Public Procurement

    A formidable chambers whose members are able to assist clients at all stages of the procurement process, and who have strength in both advisory and litigious matters. The set receives instructions from tenderers as well as contracting authorities. A key case in recent months was De La Rue v Her Majesty’s Passport Office, a challenge to the award of a contract for the supply of blue passports in the wake of the Brexit decision. Clients value the range of talent on offer, with one source commenting: “Monckton has such strength in depth, and a huge number of knowledgeable people.”

    Client service: “They are really brilliant and really responsive clerks who are very down to earth, easy to speak to and sensible on fees and timings.” “The clerks are very efficient, incredibly responsive and at the top of their game.” 


    Michael Bowsher QC

    Renowned silk with significant prowess in public procurement matters. Having been at the forefront of this area from its inception, he is an advocate revered by both claimants and defendants faced with high-value and important procurement challenges.

    Strengths: “The leading mind in this area, he continues to display an admirable and thorough knowledge of the law and practice.” “He has excellent knowledge of procurement law and demonstrates years of experience in his pragmatic advice.” “Top of the class. He is the barrister that every company wants to have representing them, both on his feet and when thinking strategically about how to run a challenge.”

    Recent work: Represented Marston Holdings in its challenge against the Ministry of Defence’s conduct of the tender process for the award of a contract for Approved Enforcement Agency services.

    Philip Moser QC

    Highly regarded for his experience in procurement and EU law. A significant portion of his work arises from instructions received from the government and he is also frequently sought out to represent claimants challenging procurement awards. Moser has acted in a range of procurement cases, including those in the defence and healthcare sectors.

    Strengths: “He is a very impressive barrister with a very detailed knowledge of law and a nice sense of the commercial realities. He is an absolute pleasure to work with.” “He is extremely knowledgeable and a true expert in this area.” “Philip is a tremendous advocate, very considered and persuasive.”

    Recent work: Successfully acted for the NHS in a challenge brought by AbbVie to the procurement of hepatitis C drugs, with an estimated worth of £1 billion over five years.

    Valentina Sloane QC

    An admired adviser and litigator who handles procurement cases as part of her wider European law practice. She is regularly instructed by top law firms and the government, and has experience across a range of areas, having handled procurement challenges relating to the rail, defence, security and education sectors.

    Strengths: “Clear and well-directed advocacy, delivered extremely crisply. Very responsive and good to deal with.” “Highly technical advice on public procurement issues.”

    Recent work: Instructed by Eurotunnel in its high-profile challenge to the procurement of Brexit-related ferry contracts by the Secretary of State for Transport.


    Rob Williams

    A go-to barrister who has been instructed in a number of leading procurement cases. He has a client base consisting of government departments and other public bodies as well as commercial entities. Williams has considerable expertise in procurement cases in the health sector, and his recent experience also includes leading cases on rail procurement.

    Strengths: “He has a first-class brain and is very strategic and very commercial.” “He is brilliant, super pragmatic and gives really good, commercial advice.” “Rob is exceptionally effective at identifying the key issues in a matter early on and giving clients clear and appropriate advice, not just on the legal issues but on a wider strategic level.”

    Recent work: Represented the Perinatal Institute in a claim for damages brought against the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership in relation to the procurement of a Perinatal Mortality Review Tool.

    Ewan West

    Previously a civil servant in the Department for Transport, this well-respected barrister has a public procurement practice that covers transport, utilities and health. He has worked on many significant and high-profile challenges on behalf of both challengers and contracting authorities.

    Strengths: “He has got a really good strategic brain and his written work is first class.” “One of the go-to senior juniors for procurement disputes, he is exceptionally responsive, well liked by clients and persuasive in court.”

    Recent work: Acted for Alstom Transport UK, one of the companies bringing a challenge to London Underground’s award of contracts for new rolling stock for the Deep Tube Upgrade Programme.

    Fiona Banks

    An able barrister with a far-reaching client list that takes in both contracting authorities and tenderers. She is frequently sought out to advise on procurement agreements in addition to her strong track record of handling procurement challenges.

    Strengths: “Fiona has an exceptional ability to quickly absorb, process and organise a huge amount of information in a very short period of time. Her advice is always considered and accessible. She is excellent on paper and the quality of her drafting sets her apart.”

    Recent work: Acted for Careers Yorkshire in a challenge to a procurement run by the Department for Education.

    Ligia Osepciu

    A talented junior who has experience in competition law, public procurement and utilities regulation. She has worked on a number of important cases, often unled.

    Strengths: “She is practical, pragmatic, sensible and turns around documents at the speed of light – she is a real joy to work with.”

    Alan Bates

    A popular junior with experience handling a broad array of procurement matters. His representation of government departments is of particular note. He brings to bear his wider knowledge of state aid, competition and EU law.

    Strengths: “Alan is very pragmatic and commercial. He is very responsive and turns instructions around quickly.” “Alan is an excellent lawyer. He is very approachable and provides comprehensive, practical advice and guidance which can be easily understood by non-lawyers.”

    Recent work: Represented the Ministry of Justice in a procurement challenge brought by Marston Holdings concerning a contract for the provision of court enforcement agency services.

    Brendan McGurk

    Regularly involved in high-value procurement disputes, acting for both bidders and contracting authorities. He has experience in defence procurement as well as IT and healthcare-related matters.

    Strengths: “His capacity to understand and get to grips with complex issues is really very impressive.”

    Recent work: Advised the Department of Transport in relation to the design and execution of the re-procurement of the East Midlands rail franchise.

    Azeem Suterwalla

    A respected junior who acts for clients including local authorities and government departments in the full range of procurement matters. He also regularly represents claimant bidders challenging procurement awards.

    Strengths: “Extremely responsive, often at very short notice, and great at communicating with the clients.”

    Recent work: Defended the London Borough of Sutton in a claim challenging its decision to award a contract for highways maintenance, improvements and street lighting.

    Anneliese Blackwood

    A knowledgeable junior who handles significant contentious and non-contentious matters. She is frequently sought out by claimants to challenge high-stakes procurement awards, and her recent work includes notable cases in the transportation sector.

    Strengths: “Anneliese’s grasp of the law and her drafting of pleadings is second to none.” “Absolutely brilliant, really responsive and very easy to deal with. She has fantastic attention to detail and an understanding of the client’s commercial needs.”

    Recent work: Instructed by Patentes Talgo, a Spanish manufacturer of railway rolling stock, in its challenge of a late admission by another tenderer in relation to the HS2 project.

    Daisy Mackersie

    A well-regarded junior who handles an array of public procurement challenges. She is a strong choice to advise both contracting authorities and tenderers.

    Strengths: “Extremely hard-working and diligent with top-notch drafting skills and excellent procurement law knowledge.”

  • Sport

    Valued by sporting clients for its barristers’ expertise in the FA’s regulations and those of governing bodies in other sports, such as cycling and Formula 1. The set also possesses a strong reputation for its work in relation to compliance with EU law in sport, with particular regard to competition regulation. It is also an excellent choice for high-value contractual disputes in the industry.

    Client service: “It is a well-run set and I appreciate the personal attention I get from the senior clerk David Hockney.”


    Paul Harris QC

    He is renowned for his excellent knowledge of regulatory frameworks and the broader sporting environment, as well as his robust advocacy style and strong client service. He is frequently instructed in sport matters involving competition law aspects. He has been active in relation to sports including football, Formula 1 and boxing.

    Strengths: “Very commercial, understands the client’s needs, and is extremely user-friendly. He is extremely bright and a robust, competent advocate.” “An expert in his field and very, very experienced in sport.”

    Recent work: Acted for two teams competing at Le Mans 2018 in respect of their appeal before the FIA Court of Appeal in Paris from a decision to disqualify them, after one team finished first. The case concerned the legality of the addition of a part in the refuelling assembly and turned on the detailed interpretation of the Technical Regulations, together with a consideration of estoppel and the obligation to act proportionately.


    Fiona Banks

    A noteworthy junior who receives instructions across a variety of sports, including football, rugby, motor racing and cycling. She is particularly well known for acting in contractual disputes, often involving broadcasting and rights issues. She acts for a combination of individuals and teams, national sports governing bodies and broadcasters.

    Strengths: “A fiercely bright contract lawyer.”

    Recent work: Acted for two teams competing at Le Mans 2018 in respect of their appeal before the FIA Court of Appeal in Paris from a decision to disqualify them, after one team finished first. The case concerned the legality of the addition of a part in the refuelling assembly and turned on the detailed interpretation of the Technical Regulations, together with a consideration of estoppel and the obligation to act proportionately.

  • Tax: Indirect Tax

    Members act for and against the Revenue and specialise in a vast array of issues relating to indirect taxation. Cases relating to landfill tax, assessments and penalties, customs duties, exemptions and zero rating, abusive practices and MTIC fraud are all tackled, as are a host of others. Members also offer specific expertise in VAT-related judicial review. Recent matters undertaken include SAE Limited v HMRC, a case concerning the exemption from VAT for the higher education sector, and Pearl Chemist Ltd v HMRC, a VAT appeal on the zero rating of supplies of medicines. Sources state: “This is a top-quality set that provides excellent advice.”

    Client service: “The clerks are all excellent; they’re very proactive and user-friendly.” 


    Melanie Hall QC

    A leader in the field of indirect tax who is well known for her expertise in VAT matters in particular. She regularly takes substantial and high-value instructions from both HMRC and from taxpayers. She has a wealth of experience of handling matters involving landfill tax and the property sector, and has an established practice advising banks.

    Strengths: “She is a class act who has an in-depth understanding of the EU law dimensions of tax. She combines this with a razor-sharp approach to the detail of the evidence and is also a formidable cross-examiner.” “Melanie is highly forensic in her approach and has the ability to deal with huge amounts of facts in a case. She communicates clearly and inspires confidence in the client.”

    Recent work: Acted for the taxpayer in SAE Limited v HMRC, a Supreme Court case concerning the exemption from VAT for the higher education sector and, in particular, the definition of ‘a college of a UK university.’

    Philip Moser QC

    Highly respected for his expertise in EU-related tax matters in the areas of both VAT and customs, he regularly appears before the ECJ. He is trusted with sophisticated and substantial instructions from HMRC and corporations, and also has long-standing experience of handling MTIC fraud cases. Moser has appeared in a number of high-profile test cases.

    Strengths: “Has a really good knowledge of EU law and its application and is all over the case law.”

    Recent work: Acted for the Revenue in Emblaze v HMRC, a test case on whether and how interest on unpaid VAT is recoverable in the Tribunals.

    George Peretz QC

    Often trusted by HMRC with the most complex and challenging of VAT cases, he has a wealth of experience of appearing before the Supreme Court and the ECJ. He is noted for his knowledge of state aid, gaming duty and anti-dumping duty.

    Strengths: Both “very efficient” and “very approachable,” he “explains cases to the client extremely well.”

    Recent work: Acted for the Revenue in London Clubs Management v HMRC, which concerned whether ‘free’ vouchers count towards turnover in assessing liability for gaming duty.

    Valentina Sloane QC

    Highly regarded silk for indirect tax matters, who specialises in representing taxpayers in high-profile VAT cases. She regularly appears before the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the ECJ, and is particularly noted for her expertise in customs duty cases.

    Strengths: “Very user-friendly, incredibly bright and very practical.” “She has excellent client-handling skills, and is very good both technically and on the strategy front.”

    Recent work: Acted for the taxpayer in Done Bros v HMRC, a matter which centred on fixed-odds betting terminals and VAT exemption.


    Peter Mantle

    Highly regarded for his vast expertise in all areas of indirect tax. He is most frequently retained by HMRC to assist in complex litigation and advisory matters. He also has broad experience of acting for private clients across an array of sectors including the financial services, education and retail industries. Mantle is well versed in indirect tax disputes involving EU law.

    Strengths: “Excellent and extremely well prepared.” “He is clear in his advice and strong technically.”

    Recent work: Acted for HMRC against Colchester Further Education College in a case concerning input tax recovery.

    Raymond Hill

    An indirect tax specialist who is singled out for his vast experience of representing clients before the ECJ. He is particularly well known for his command of complex VAT matters. He has acted in several leading ECJ cases regarding the exemption for special investment funds.

    Strengths: “Technically excellent and hugely experienced in EU VAT matters.” “He really fights hard for his clients.”

    Recent work: Acted in Kaplan International Colleges (UK) Limited v HMRC, a case raising two new points of European law as to the correct interpretation of the VAT exemption for cost-sharing groups.

    Andrew Macnab

    Has broad indirect tax expertise spanning input tax and zero-rating, among other matters. He continues to act regularly for HMRC, handling complex and high-profile test cases particularly in the field of VAT. Macnab has experience of acting at all levels of the domestic court system and the ECJ.

    Strengths: “Very thorough and structured in his approach, he’s very good at leading judges through their decision-making processes.””He is very approachable and clear in his advice.”

    Recent work: Acted for the Revenue in Marks & Spencer plc v HMRC, a case concerning whether Marks & Spencer must account for VAT on part of the £10 for its ‘Dine In For £10 – with Free Wine’ promotion.

    Brendan McGurk

    Has an extablished practice acting for HMRC in notable indirect tax cases. His broad expertise covers VAT, landfill tax and customs and excise duties.

    Strengths: “His intellectual capacity is really fantastic. He’s good to work with and his written work is outstanding; all round he’s an incredibly capable, very compelling advocate.”

    Recent work: Acted for the Revenue in Biffa Waste Services Ltd & Others v HMRC, a matter concerning the ‘fluff’ layers in landfill sites.

    Tarlochan Lall

    Well versed in advising companies on a variety of contentious and non-contentious indirect tax matters. He specialises in handling complex VAT cases, including those involving VAT in other EU countries.

    Strengths: “He has a highly technical mind; his analysis is excellent and he’s tactically very astute. His particular strength is his grasp of European law.”

    Recent work: Acted for the taxpayer in Pearl Chemist Ltd v HMRC, a VAT appeal on the zero-rating of supplies of medicines.

  • Telecommunications

    A set renowned for its strong telecoms offering that encompasses outstanding expertise in competition matters and regulatory disputes, and is also a top choice for advisory mandates relating to key legislation in the telecoms sector. Chambers impresses with its strong bench of silks and juniors, and has a number of standout names in competition law. Its members also act in cases at the cross-section of telecoms and intellectual property, such as those concerning standard essential patents in telecoms technology. Barristers here are chosen by both telecoms operators and Ofcom, as well as international regulatory bodies, to receive direct instruction on prominent or sensitive cases. Solicitors frequently choose to instruct both silks and juniors in proceedings before the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), Supreme Court and ECJ.

    Client service: “I’ve found their clerking service to be excellent; the clerks are able to respond quickly and deal with matters, even if they arise at the last minute.” 


    Tim Ward QC

    Popular choice among London solicitors and in-house counsel at UK and international telecoms companies faced with sensitive regulatory disputes. Interviewees highlight his advocacy skills and his ability to build a rapport with judges, junior barristers and lay clients.

    Strengths: “A barrister who is clearly highly thought of by the big players in the market, he’s a very reassuring, nice guy who goes down well with the clients and the court.” “He has a wonderful, down-to-earth, straightforward and natural manner which is very appealing to judges.” “Strong on the technical aspects of the law, he gives clear and accurate advice and is good at working with the lay clients.”

    Recent work: Represented Inmarsat in a claim brought by Viasat challenging Ofcom’s authorisation for it to launch new satellite broadband services for airline passengers. The tribunal ruled in favour of Inmarsat.

    Jon Turner QC

    A lawyer with a well-established reputation as one of the most important telecoms silks in the UK, he advises on challenges to Ofcom decisions before the CAT, Administrative Court and Court of Appeal. Turner has been involved in some of the most high-profile matters in the telecoms sector, including defining cases relating to standard essential patents and the spectrum auction.

    Strengths: “An extremely silky advocate” who is “calm and unflappable in his advocacy.” “Highly intelligent and a really great strategist, he’s great on his feet and an excellent all-rounder.”

    Recent work: Appeared in Three v Office of Communications, the public sector spectrum release auction case, a very important commercial judicial review concerning the auction for 4G and 5G spectrum that Ofcom was arranging.

    Daniel Beard QC

    Regularly instructed by leading UK telecoms operators on their most important competition law-based regulatory appeals. He also handles competition law cases for operators based in continental Europe. Beard regularly acts in market-defining cases in the telecoms sphere, including matters relating to the 5G spectrum and dark fibre.

    Strengths: “Very measured and able to distil often very complicated and technical concepts into understandable advice, without losing sight of the overall story. He really is excellent at setting out the story of the case.” “A tremendous advocate who fights hard for the client and works out which arguments to push.”

    Recent work: Represented Orange before the ECJ in its appeal against an Article 102 penalty of EUR127 million.

    Meredith Pickford QC

    Has an impressive client list that includes many of the largest global telecoms operators and electronics manufacturers. He handles competition law and complex intellectual property disputes, including Court of Appeal cases that clarify the meaning of FRAND terms in the licensing of standard essential patents. Pickford’s economic background and expertise are of particular advantage for clients, according to interviewees.

    Strengths: “He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the telecommunications regulatory landscape, a tremendous ability to assimilate information, and a great facility in presenting information and solutions in a client-friendly manner.” “He is a very good team player who is not afraid to roll his sleeves up, and he is very good at dealing with cases that might be quite challenging.”

    Recent work: Acted for Philips in its claim against HTC and ASUA regarding the licensing of standard essential patents for telecoms technology.

    Josh Holmes QC

    Advances in the rankings this year in recognition of outstanding feedback from peers, clients and instructing solicitors. He is among the counsel of choice for Ofcom and other international regulatory bodies, and regularly advises on competition law challenges to decisions on key aspects of telecoms or media sector regulation. Holmes is highly regarded for his sector expertise and courtroom demeanour.

    Strengths: “A superb lawyer and a superb advocate who conducts himself without ostentation and without any self-promotion; he just speaks for the case in the most straightforward, clear way.” “He’s approachable, he breaks complex issues into simple terms, he makes himself available at short notice, and he quickly turns work around.”

    Recent work: Acted for Ofcom in a competition appeal brought by BT regarding Ofcom’s decision to remove the pay TV regulation that Ofcom considered was no longer needed.

    Kassie Smith QC

    Best known for her work on important cases that test the relationship between the protection of IP rights and the use of standard essential patents in mobile telecoms technology. She also advises on competition law cases in the media and telecoms sector, including in foreign jurisdictions. Her client base includes government bodies and telecoms equipment companies.

    Strengths: “She is sensible about what can be achieved and understands that clients can’t always deliver perfect evidence and information. A very good draftsperson who it’s enjoyable to work with.”

    Recent work: Advised the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport on 21st Century Fox’s bid for the takeover of Sky.

    Gerry Facenna QC

    Has acted in several important public law cases that test the relationship between data privacy and the obligation on telecoms providers to store and disclose data in the interests of counter-terrorism. He also handles data privacy cases regarding EU data rules for search engines. Facenna frequently appears before the ECJ and ECHR.

    Strengths: “Very no-nonsense and an excellent advocate who is great on his feet, he really cuts straight to the heart of the matter.” “A barrister with a relaxed and measured presence in court, he’s very affable and likeable.”

    Recent work: Represented the UK government in a series of cases in the European Court concerning Quadrature du Net v Commission, which concerned the application of EU telecoms laws to criminal investigations and national security.

    Robert Palmer QC

    New silk who is noted for his increasing prominence in important cases in the telecoms sector. He handles complex advisory mandates, regulatory appeals and court proceedings before the CAT, Supreme Court and ECJ. His client list includes leading telecoms operators and public authorities.

    Strengths: “He is very good at adjusting his style for his audience” and is “someone who is really robust in his thinking.”

    Recent work: Represented Virgin Media in its appeal against the £7 million penalty imposed by Ofcom on Virgin, after it overcharged customers who terminated their contract before the end of their minimum term.


    Anneli Howard

    Outstanding senior junior often instructed in her own right on both advisory and contentious mandates. A top choice for UK operators in competition law cases, she is an expert on the competition law implications of decisions made by UK public bodies, and handles challenges to those decisions before the CAT and ECJ. She also assists telecoms operators with appeals against EC fines.

    Strengths: “Incredibly thoughtful, incredibly hard-working and very user-friendly.” “It’s rare to see someone handle complex detail in the way that she does – she assimilates it and produces clear, strategic advice, which is delivered in a way that is completely comprehensible and easy to use for the client.”

    Recent work: Represented Inmarsat as intervener in domestic CAT judicial review proceedings brought by Viasat. The case challenged Ofcom’s decision to authorise Inmarsat to use its ground-based stations as part of its satellite aviation network in order to provide in-flight mobile communication services.

    Philip Woolfe

    Drawing praise for his outstanding technical knowledge and ability, he plays a prominent role in important judicial review proceedings on behalf of various key operator clients, having been led by renowned telecoms silks both within chambers and in other sets. Woolfe further stands out for his instruction as sole counsel in competition law cases that inform Ofcom decisions on dark fibre access.

    Strengths: “Exceptionally bright and incredibly unassuming, he works very hard.” “Certainly knows his stuff and has specialist knowledge of the telecoms area.”

    Recent work: Represented EE in Commercial Court proceedings seeking the repayment of approximately £85 million of unlawfully levied licence fees.

    Alan Bates

    Best known for his work on competition law and state aid matters, including sensitive cases that involve clients in the telecoms sector. He acts for prominent telecoms operators and telecoms service providers.

    Strengths: “An extremely likeable advocate who is clear and concise.” “He is responsive, insightful, easy to work with, collaborative and intellectually superior.”

    Recent work: Represented The Number UK in its claim that Ofcom was distorting the directory enquiry market and misusing its power to set Numbering Plan rules by setting a price cap for how number ranges, such as the 118 range, are used.

    Ben Lask

    Has a broad client list that includes telecoms operators and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. He is considered by peers to be a strong choice as a junior for Ofcom matters. Lask appears frequently in cases before the CAT, High Court and Court of Appeal.

    Strengths: “Great fun to work with and very hard-working.”

    Stefan Kuppen

    Recognised as a valuable resource both for his advisory work relating to difficult points of telecoms regulation and on the defendant side of regulatory investigations. He attracts particular attention for his experience gained working within the financial services sector.

    Strengths: “A brilliant man when it comes to the technical detail of expert evidence,” and “someone with a really good grasp of numbers.” “Good at drafting submissions, he has a very logical way of breaking down arguments and presenting them in a very intuitive manner.”