Employment Tribunal dismisses test claims alleging changes to Firefighters’ pension arrangements are discriminatory

17 Feb 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

In a judgment handed down this week, the Employment Tribunal dismissed all test claims brought by five firefighters alleging that transitional arrangements included in the Firefighters’ Pension Scheme 2015 are discriminatory. The changes to firefighters’ pensions were part of the wide-ranging public sector pension reforms brought in after the 2011 Hutton Report concluded that since […]

Challenge to Sale of Arms to Saudi Arabia before High Court

13 Feb 2017 | by Conor McCarthy

The High Court has heard a challenge brought by Campaign Against Arms Trade (“CAAT”) in respect of the granting of licences by the United Kingdom in respect of the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia for use in its military operations in Yemen. Yemen is presently engulfed in a bloody civil war in which  Houthi […]

Court of Appeal agrees in Test Case that the Department of Work and Pensions was required to award £120,000 to boy suffering from narcolepsy with cataplexy caused by H1n1 vaccine

09 Feb 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

In a judgment in a test case handed down today, the Court of Appeal upheld tribunal judgments awarding a boy (known as “John”) £120,000 under the Vaccine Damages Payments Act 1979 (“the Act”). It was agreed that John’s narcolepsy with cataplexy was caused by his vaccination against H1N1 flu in 2009.  He has sudden attacks of day-time […]

Single market challenge: Adrian Yalland and Peter Wilding v SSEU (Article 127 EEA)

23 Jan 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

Monckton Chambers’ members are advising on a challenge to the Government’s plan for the United Kingdom to leave the single market. The claim was commenced by two members of the think-tank British Influence on 29 December 2016.  The claim challenges the Government’s statement that the United Kingdom automatically leaves the European Economic Area following its […]

CAT dismisses claim for interim relief in Phenytoin challenge

20 Jan 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

The Competition Appeal Tribunal (Peter Freeman QC) has rejected an urgent application by Flynn Pharma for interim relief against the CMA’s decision that Flynn should reduce its prices of Phenytoin capsules with effect from Monday.  The Directions form part of the CMA’s decision of 7 December 2016 in which it found that Flynn’s prices (and […]

Supreme Court hands down three judgments in landmark human rights cases – Serdar Mohammed, Al Waheed, Belhaj and Rahmatullah

17 Jan 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

The Supreme Court has handed down three important judgments which are expected to have significant impact on the protection of human rights overseas. Serdar Mohammed v Ministry of Defence & Al Waheed v Ministry of Defence [2017] UKSC 2 (available here) concerned the capture of individuals by UK forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Following two hearings […]

Anneli Howard advises The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) in its first competition investigation as East Midlands International Airport Limited (EMIA) and Prestige Parking Limited admit to price fixing.

22 Dec 2016 | by Anneli Howard

The CAA has issued a final infringement decision that East Midlands International Airport Limited (EMIA) and Prestige Parking Limited broke competition law by agreeing to fix prices of car parking services at East Midlands International Airport.  See full CAA press release. Anneli  Howard , acting as the CAA’s Standing Counsel, advised the CAA from the […]

Court of Appeal rejects sector-wide challenge to the landfill tax

15 Dec 2016 | by Melanie Hall QC

The Court of Appeal released its judgment in Patersons v HMRC on 7 December. All three Lord Justices of Appeal rejected a test case brought on behalf of the entire landfill sector. For the third time, the courts have rejected the argument that because landfill site operators convert methane (a bi-product of biodegrading waste), into […]