Monckton and Des Voeux Chambers Symposium on Hong Kong competition law

13 Sep 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

Monckton Chambers and Des Voeux Chambers today held a joint symposium entitled “Mind The Gap: Valuable lessons from the EU and UK for Competition Litigation in Hong Kong” featuring Tim Ward QC, Philip Moser QC, Paul Harris QC, and George Peretz QC from Monckton and Catrina Lam, John Hui, Connie Lee, Kelvin Kwok, Jonathan YH […]

Is the EU (Withdrawal) Bill Deficient in the Context of Continued Access to the Aviation Single Market?

11 Sep 2017 | by Christopher Muttukumaru CB

In the context of post-Brexit access to the EU’s Aviation Single Market, it is doubtful whether the introduction draft of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill (EUWB) is adequate to serve its intended purpose of providing a clear, certain and reliable legal framework to enable businesses, individuals and regulators (in the UK and EU) to plan […]

Western Sahara Trade Dispute in the Court of Justice of the European Union

06 Sep 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

Today, in the Grand Chamber of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) oral submissions are being heard on behalf of the Western Sahara Campaign UK (WSCUK) in its challenge against the legality of the EU – Morocco Fisheries Partnership Agreement. Conor McCarthy, led by Kieron Beal QC, represents the WSCUK. WSCUK argue […]

CPD Webinar : Anneli Howard discusses the implications of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017 with Practical Law – available free to view

05 Sep 2017 | by Anneli Howard

In conjunction with Practical Law, Anneli Howard has produced a  42-minute video in which she examines the contents and implications of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017-19; commonly referred to as the Great Repeal Bill.  She concentrates on five areas: What the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 will mean in practice for acquired […]

The UT concludes that whether an excise duty point can arise in the UK’s control zone in France is a question that can only be determined in condemnation proceedings

01 Sep 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

The key question for the Upper Tribunal in the recent decision in Denley v HMRC was whether the Excise Goods (Holding, Movement and Duty Point) Regulations 2010  were in breach of the EU Excise Directive (Directive 92/12/EEC). The Appellant was stopped and questioned in Coquelles, the UK’s control zone by the entry to the Channel Tunnel in […]

E-commerce restrictions – Shoppers cannot be denied the right to buy goods online as CMA fines Ping £1.45m for unjustified online sales ban.

24 Aug 2017 | by Monckton Chambers

In a landmark move, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has found that Ping, one of Britain’s biggest golf club manufacturers, has breached UK and EU competition law by preventing two UK retailers from selling its golf clubs online. As well as the fine of £1.45m, Ping is required to bring the online sales ban […]


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