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26 Sep, 2017

Enforcement of EU-derived rights in a post Brexit UK: an EU perspective of aspects of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

On 18 September, Christopher Muttukumaru CB gave a presentation to the FIDE Foundation in...
11 Sep, 2017

Is the EU (Withdrawal) Bill Deficient in the Context of Continued Access to the Aviation Single Market?

In the context of post-Brexit access to the EU’s Aviation Single Market, it is...
5 Sep, 2017

CPD Webinar : Anneli Howard discusses the implications of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill 2017 with Practical Law – available free to view

In conjunction with Practical Law, Anneli Howard has produced a  42-minute video in which...
24 Aug, 2017

Status of EU law and ongoing role for the Court of Justice ?

The Government today has published its position paper on the “Enforcement and dispute resolution“,...
1 Aug, 2017

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill: Implications for VAT Practitioners

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, published last week, is the most significant piece of...
13 Jul, 2017

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill: some initial thoughts

The Government has today published the first draft of the most significant piece of...
11 Jul, 2017

The dangers of fission: Euratom and Brexit

Over the last weekend, there has been considerable discussion of Euratom, and of the...
10 Jul, 2017

Pharmaceutical Regulation, the Court of Justice, and the Hunt/Starmer Exchange: Some Brief Thoughts

A recent letter to the Financial Times from the Secretaries of State for Health...
10 Jul, 2017

Dispute Settlement Mechanisms after Brexit: where we stand now

When my post on dispute settlement (here) appeared in late March, few people realised that...