Competition Law and Commercial Property: What You Need to Know
15 October 2010
Author(s): Michael Bowsher QC, Philip Woolfe

The Coalition Government has pressed ahead with plans to extend the application of Chapter I of the Competition Act 1998 to land agreements, previously excluded from its scope. Agreements relating to land, particularly covenants which directly or ...

Emerald Supplies Ltd v British Airways Plc - pub. E.C.L.R. Issue 3, 2010
2 February 2010
Author(s): Jorren Knibbe

This material was first published by E.C.L.R Limited in E.C.L.R. Issue 3, 2010 and is reproduced by agreement with the ...

UK Merger Control: Recent Developments
29 September 2009
Author(s): Alistair Lindsay

This note analyses recent developments in UK merger control, under the following headings: the de minimis exception; undertakings in lieu; the relationship between the OFT and the CC - retail mergers; substantial part of the ...

Review of the draft joint Merger Assessment Guidelines of the CC and OFT
3 August 2009
Author(s): Alistair Lindsay

In general, there is much to welcome in the draft Guidelines.  First, it is helpful that the documents issued by the Authorities following the Enterprise Act are being updated to reflect experience and developments.   Secondly, it is ...

Modernisation: the Next Steps. The National Litigator's Eye View
28 November 2002
Author(s): Michael Bowsher QC

The Commission's proposal to reform the procedural basis for antitrust enforcement by amending Regulation No 17 has been extensively debated.  The adoption of the Regulation is now imminent and in this paper I sketch out some ...

Human Rights Act and Commercial Law
1 April 2002
Author(s): Tim Ward QC

Under the HRA, only a person who is, or would be, a "victim" of an action by a public authority which is incompatible with the Convention can bring proceedings or rely on the Convention right or rights ...

Woolf in Commercial Clothing - does it really bite?
31 October 2001
Author(s): Michael Bowsher QC

The introduction of the Civil Procedure Rules has had many far-reaching effects on the civil justice system.  Procedures for commercial litigation and arbitration were, however, already well developed.  The purpose of this ...